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Carsten Fuchs created an issue

The current GuiSys is defined as a virtual desktop of 640 x 480 pixels that (in the 2D case) is (non-uniformly) scaled to the application window. Window positions and sizes are specified in absolute coordinates in the virtual desktop.

This works nice so far, but comes with a number of problems: - It's quite inflexible, e.g. dynamically resizing a dialog window including child windows is difficult. - As a result of scaling, many elements look blurry, e.g. the mouse pointer, text, graphics. - It is not possible to refer to physical pixels, i.e. have pixel-accurate graphics.

Some of these issues have been discussed at, where I have also proposed a partial solution (introducing units), and some have been addressed in #110.

However, it seems that this problem should be solved more universally. '''''Key idea:''''' A native desktop application (that is implemented with wxWidgets) specifies its window dimensions in pixels of the physically available desktop resolution. [ wxSizer]s are used to layout windows relatively and dynamically.

The proposal of this ticket is to change the Cafu Gui System to - use physical pixels as units (3D GUIs would continue to use a virtual screen with a virtual resolution), - use a wxSizer-like concept to layout its windows, - scale fonts and graphics accordingly, in order to achieve both pixel-perfect graphics and more flexibility in window layout.

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