Make sure that AllTypeInfos list in GameImpl.cpp is complete

Issue #123 resolved
Carsten Fuchs created an issue

As described at, right now it's all too easy to add a new entity and to accidentally not add it to the AllTypeInfos list in

The situation could be improved either - by generating the AllTypeInfos list automatically in the build script (where it however might be difficult to figure out the list of entities that should be added to the list), or - by brute-force testing all entities defined in EntityClassDefs.lua if they have a proper C++ class in the type manager (this test would be done only in debug builds), and if they haven't, fail loudly and explain the issue.

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  1. Carsten Fuchs reporter

    (In [682]) Server: Loudly complain if type info for C++ entity class is not found.

    Before this change, when a developer added a new C++ entity class and forgot to update the AllTypeInfos[] list in GameImpl.cpp, only a warning message was printed to the console that did not easily catch the attention of the developer. We now show an explicit dialog box that prominently indicates the problem and suggests the likely solution.

    Fixes #123.

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