Map Editor: Switch back to Selection tool after "Create new XY" tool?

Issue #131 wontfix
Carsten Fuchs
created an issue

When the user has used one of the tools in the Map Editor to create a new object, should we switch back to the Selection tool after the creation has successfully completed, or keep the "New XY" tool active?

  • It would be possible to make the behavior configurable by the user.
  • A completely different means to create new objects might be an alternative, e.g. "drag from a toolbar or prefabs bar and drop into a map view to create a new object".
    • Elegant, because it eliminates the "New XY" tool completely.
    • But how does an elegant implementation (of the user interface) look like?
    • How can the user configure the newly created object, e.g. set the number of sides of a pyramid? (Probably same as now: Have a spin control in the toolbar next to the icon...)

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