Map Editor: Default settings for map compile tools don't work

Issue #132 resolved
Carsten Fuchs created an issue

In the Map Editor, the default settings for the map compile tools (CaBSP, CaPVS, ...) are prepared for our binary release versions -- and fail when someone compiled from source code.

- for a related forum thread,
- for the related documentation (with a slightly outdated screenshot).

That is,
- default settings should be guessed more intelligently,
- the documentation should be updated ("custom compile"), and
- ideally we would make it possible to jump from the "Compile..." menu items to the related page in the "Configure CaWE..." dialog directly.

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    In [changeset:"8446756753662aca696982fad04bb70b25b3c7f2/git"]:

    !CommitTicketReference repository="git" revision="8446756753662aca696982fad04bb70b25b3c7f2"

    CaWE: Undertake a search for the Cafu executables if none are configured.

    When CaWE is newly installed or for any other reasons no paths to the Cafu
    executables are configured, CaWE used to use plain default values that were
    tailored to our binary releases. However, this simple strategy failed whenever
    Cafu was compiled from source code, requiring the user to manually setup the
    proper paths.

    With this change, we try to determine the proper paths automatically, using the
    same "search algorithm" that is used in the (otherwise unrelated)
    Games/DeathMatch/ script. Only if this step fails (e.g. because
    it is really a binary release) are the old default values used again.

    Closes #132.

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