CaWE: Copy and paste caused duplicate entity name

Issue #138 resolved
Carsten Fuchs created an issue

I took the following steps: - opened map BPRockB.cmap (at cmap version 13) in CaWE, - copied (Ctrl+C) the weapon_facehugger entity, - pasted (Ctrl+P), - saved (at cmap version 14).

As expected, there were two weapon_facehugger entities in the map, but the second had the exact same name as the original.

Consequently, any attempt to re-load the map failed with this error:

Warning: Could not load "Games\DeathMatch\Maps\BPRockB.cent":
Games\DeathMatch\Maps\BPRockB.cent:288: bad argument #1 to 'AddChild' (child entity already has a parent, use RemoveChild() first)

It was expected that pasting the entity checked its name, and adjusted it accordingly to avoid duplicates!

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  1. Carsten Fuchs reporter

    After all the changes introducing the entity component system, this ticket can no longer been reproduced; the cause for the problem has been fixed in the course of the introduction of the entity component system.

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