entity component system: Add "precache" support

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Carsten Fuchs created an issue

The component system offers new and very useful opportunities to (re-)implement "precaching" for all relevant resources in a game world.

Implementing "precaching" support is covered in the normal component system development schedule, because, as with all other features, it will be ported to the component system before it is removed from the old, obsolete game code.

Nevertheless, this ticket is supposed to act as an explicit reminder of this important, but easily overlooked sub-feature. ;-)

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    !CommitTicketReference repository="git" revision="a6c0a1b3b27c23ac915e235f74b2918067d83774"

    (Re-)Introduce pre-caching.

    We used to use pre-caching in the past, but it went under in the transition to
    the entity component system. This change generally restores pre-caching.
    It focuses on the "carried weapons" models, which can now be picked up without
    affecting frame-rate at all.

    More resources can be added for pre-caching at any time.

    Closes #139.

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