Gracefully handle wrong initial working directory

Issue #141 resolved
Carsten Fuchs created an issue

Even though properly documented at, everyone seems to have a tendency to double-click in Windows Explorer or run the equivalent of

D:\Cafu> cd build\win32\vc9\debug\CaWE
D:\Cafu\build\win32\vc9\debug\CaWE> CaWE.exe

rather than the proper

D:\Cafu> build\win32\vc9\debug\CaWE\CaWE.exe

Possible improvements: - Clarify the error messages of CaWE.exe and Cafu.exe that occur when the working directory seems not to be right. Thanks to SoulRider for a clear report of the current messages at - During program init, test with increasing chains of .., ../.., ../../.. etc. if the required resources can be found, and automatically update the working directory if successful.

This is a frequently reported issue.

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