3D in-game GUIs that with "activate=true" cause problems on map loading

Issue #23 resolved
Carsten Fuchs created an issue

When a 3D in-game (world) GUI is created with property "activate=true", the GuiSys erroneously activates this GUI while loading the map that contains it, rendering normal game controls inaccessible.

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    In [changeset:"afa3af0805b78055db4c165c7a5a9f08cc0935f9/git"]: {{{ #!CommitTicketReference repository="git" revision="afa3af0805b78055db4c165c7a5a9f08cc0935f9" Game code: Create stand-alone instances of 3D world GUIs, no longer manage them in the GuiMan.

    Registering 3D world GUIs with the global cf::GuiSys::GuiMan used to be necessary when the game code was still in DLL form, dynamically linked. However, doing so implied the problem described in #23 in the first place. Now that we no longer link dynamically and have the common GuiResourcesT readily available, it is much more natural to have each EntStaticDetailModelT have its own, independent GUI instance.

    Closes #23. }}}

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