Revise FileI and SoundStreamT interfaces to use more appropriate datatypes

Issue #39 new
Carsten Fuchs created an issue

The current interfaces (especially `Read()` and related methods) use datatypes that require type casts in several places of user code. The use of type `size_t` (or similar) might be more appropriate for these method signatures.

The implementation of this ticket should make sure that all occurrences of redundant typecasts are removed; e.g. temporarily change the signature of all revised methods to find all places of use.


Note that the new signature causes the compiler to point out all places of use, so that now redundant type-casts can be spotted and cleaned-up. size_t SoundStreamT::Read(bool& Success, unsigned char* Buffer, size_t Size)=0;

As above, but temp is removed again when all user code has been identified and updated. void OutFileI::Write(const char* Buffer, size_t Size, std::string temp)=0;

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