RubyLearning / ProjectTrak / vendor / rails / activerecord / install.rb

require 'rbconfig'
require 'find'
require 'ftools'

include Config

# this was adapted from rdoc's install.rb by ways of Log4r

$sitedir = CONFIG["sitelibdir"]
unless $sitedir
  version = CONFIG["MAJOR"] + "." + CONFIG["MINOR"]
  $libdir = File.join(CONFIG["libdir"], "ruby", version)
  $sitedir = $:.find {|x| x =~ /site_ruby/ }
  if !$sitedir
    $sitedir = File.join($libdir, "site_ruby")
  elsif $sitedir !~ Regexp.quote(version)
    $sitedir = File.join($sitedir, version)

# the actual gruntwork

Find.find("active_record", "active_record.rb") { |f|
  if f[-3..-1] == ".rb"
    File::install(f, File.join($sitedir, *f.split(/\//)), 0644, true)
    File::makedirs(File.join($sitedir, *f.split(/\//)))
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