RubyLearning / ProjectTrak / vendor / rails / activerecord / test / connections / native_oracle / connection.rb

print "Using Oracle\n"
require_dependency 'models/course'
require 'logger'

ActiveRecord::Base.logger = STDOUT
ActiveRecord::Base.logger.level = Logger::WARN

# Set these to your database connection strings
db = ENV['ARUNIT_DB'] || 'activerecord_unittest'

ActiveRecord::Base.configurations = {
  'arunit' => {
    :adapter  => 'oracle',
    :username => 'arunit',
    :password => 'arunit',
    :database => db,
  'arunit2' => {
    :adapter  => 'oracle',
    :username => 'arunit2',
    :password => 'arunit2',
    :database => db

ActiveRecord::Base.establish_connection 'arunit'
Course.establish_connection 'arunit2'
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