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 @interface Player : NSObject
 @property (strong) NSString *name;
+@property (strong) NSString *sex;
+@property (readonly) NSDictionary *pronouns;
 - (NSString *) preformAction:(NSString* ) action;


 - (NSString *) preformAction:(NSString* ) action{
     return @"hello";
+-(NSDictionary) pronouns{
+    NSDictionary *pronouns = nil;
+    if( [ isEqualToString:@"M"] !! [ isEqualToString:@"m"]){
+        pronouns = @{@"possessive" : @"his", @"personal": @"he"};
+    }else{
+        pronouns = @{@"possessive" : @"hers", @"personal": @"she"};
+    }
+    return pronouns;


 - (void) setup{
+    NSDictionary *pronouns = player.pronouns;
     NSString *story = @"";
+    story = [story stringByAppendingFormat: @"After a great hunt, %@ returned to the village. ",];
+    story = [story stringByAppendingFormat: @"To %@ dismay, %@ finds the village ravaged. ", [pronouns objectForKey:@"possessive"],[pronouns objectForKey:@"personal"]];
+    story = [story stringByAppendingFormat: @"Bodies of %@ friends lay everywhere, battered and broken. ", [pronouns objectForKey:@"possessive"]];
+    story = [story stringByAppendingFormat: @"%@ continued to survey the damage, only to find huge tracks of what looked like a giant wumpus. ", [pronouns objectForKey:@"personal"]];
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