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 Create XCode Project
+Whenever you are starting development of any ios application, 
+it is required that you have knowlage of how to setup a project in Xcode.  Xcode is the free development tool
+provided by Apple to deliver applications.  If you are running Lion or Mountian Lion you can just download xcode
+from the app store. If you are still on Snow Lepord you can go to Apple's developer site to download it. After it 
+is downloaded, we can start by lanuching it.
+.. image:: images/xcode_front.png
+After it is lanuched we are greated with a start wizard page.  Then we click on "Create a new Xcode Project".
+The next thing you have to pick is the type of project.  Here we will select a "Single View Application" 
+and click "Next".
+.. image:: images/new_project_1.png
+After we have moved to the next panel, we need to fill out information about the project.  
+First we set the Project Name.  Then set the Organization Name to be either the name of 
+your company or just your name.  Now define the Organization Identifier as the inverse of 
+a domain the organization owns.  
+.. image:: images/project_info.png
+.. image:: images/set_location.png
 Install and Configure Bundler