tdd_ios_kiwi / code / TaskList / TaskList / TaskList.xcdatamodeld / TaskList.xcdatamodel / contents

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<model name="" userDefinedModelVersionIdentifier="" type="" documentVersion="1.0" lastSavedToolsVersion="1811" systemVersion="11G63b" minimumToolsVersion="Automatic" macOSVersion="Automatic" iOSVersion="Automatic">
    <entity name="Category" representedClassName="Category" syncable="YES">
        <attribute name="name" optional="YES" attributeType="String" syncable="YES"/>
        <relationship name="tasks" optional="YES" toMany="YES" deletionRule="Nullify" destinationEntity="Task" inverseName="category" inverseEntity="Task" syncable="YES"/>
    <entity name="Task" representedClassName="Task" syncable="YES">
        <attribute name="done" optional="YES" attributeType="Boolean" syncable="YES"/>
        <attribute name="name" optional="YES" attributeType="String" syncable="YES"/>
        <relationship name="category" optional="YES" minCount="1" maxCount="1" deletionRule="Nullify" destinationEntity="Category" inverseName="tasks" inverseEntity="Category" syncable="YES"/>
        <element name="Task" positionX="27" positionY="189" width="128" height="90"/>
        <element name="Category" positionX="196" positionY="192" width="128" height="75"/>
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