tdd_ios_kiwi / code / HuntTheWumpus / HuntTheWumpusTests / GameSpec.m

#import <Kiwi/Kiwi.h>
#import "Game.h"

    describe(@"Game", ^{
        context(@"gameloop", ^{
//            it(@"should make sure the screen is clear before drawing", ^{
//                Game *game = [[Game alloc]init];
//                [[game should] receive:@selector(clearTheScreen)];
//                [game startLoop];
//            });
//            it(@"should gather the input", ^{
//            });
//            it(@"should update the game data", ^{
//            });
//            it(@"should draw the game", ^{});
//            it(@"should allow breaking of the game loop", ^{});
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