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Project Setup


  • Understand how to setup a XCode project
  • Create a simple Hello World application

Create XCode Project

Whenever you are starting development of any ios application, it is required that you have knowlage of how to setup a project in Xcode. Xcode is the free development tool provided by Apple to deliver applications. If you are running Lion or Mountian Lion you can just download xcode from the app store. If you are still on Snow Lepord you can go to Apple's developer site to download it. After it is downloaded, we can start by lanuching it.


After it is lanuched we are greated with a start wizard page. Then we click on "Create a new Xcode Project". The next thing you have to pick is the type of project. Here we will select a "Single View Application" and click "Next".


After we have moved to the next panel, we need to fill out information about the project. First we set the Project Name. Then set the Organization Name to be either the name of your company or just your name. Now define the Organization Identifier as the inverse of a domain the organization owns.

images/project_info.png images/set_location.png