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Objective C


Hunt the Wumpus

Hunt the Wumpus is an early video game, based on a simple hide and seek format featuring a mysterious monster (the Wumpus) that lurks deep inside a network of rooms.

  • Objects -
    • Wumpus - a beast that eats anyone that enters its room.
    • Agent - the player that traverses the world in search of gold and while trying to kill the wumpus.
    • Bats (not available in all versions) - creatures that instantly carry the agent to a different room.
    • Pits - bottomless pit that will trap anyone who enters the room except for the wumpus.
  • Actions - There are six possible actions:
    • A simple move Forward.
    • A simple Turn Left by 90°.
    • A simple Turn Right by 90°.
    • The action Grab can be used to pick up gold when in the same room as gold.
    • The action Shoot can be used to fire an arrow in a straight line in the current direction the agent is facing. The arrow continues until it hits and kills the wumpus or hits a wall.
    • The action Climb can be used to climb out of the cave but only when in the initial start position.
  • Senses - There are five senses, each only gives one bit of information:
    • In the square containing the wumpus and in the directly (not diagonal) adjacent squares, the agent will perceive a Stench.
    • In the squares directly adjacent to the bats, the agent will perceive the Bats
    • In the squares directly adjacent to a pit, the agent will perceive a Breeze.
    • In the square where gold is, the agent will perceive a Glitter.
    • When the agent walks into a wall, the agent will perceive a Bump.
    • When the wumpus is killed, it emits a Scream that can be perceived anywhere in the cave.

Game Loop