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py2 and py3 compliant utf8 util function

in Py3, this is vestigial and maintained for compatability.

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 from fnmatch import fnmatchcase
+import sys
+PYTHON3 = sys.version_info > (3,0,0)
 class DictMixin(object):
     """Implement the dict API using keys() and __*item__ methods.
         if locked:
-def utf8(data):
+def _utf8_python2(data):
     """Convert a basestring to a valid UTF-8 str."""
     if isinstance(data, str):
         return data.decode("utf-8", "replace").encode("utf-8")
         return data.encode("utf-8")
     else: raise TypeError("only unicode/str types can be converted to UTF-8")
+def _utf8_python3(data):
+    # drop-in replacement for _utf8_python2
+    if isinstance(data,str):
+        return data
+    else:
+        raise TypeError("not a basestring")
+utf8 = [_utf8_python2,_utf8_python3][PYTHON3]
 def dict_match(d, key, default=None):
         return d[key]
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