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fix to local config template overrides
removed hard dependencies on git, hg, and svn
ver 0.2.4
fixing silk push with no gunicorn.bind specified
fixing issues with temp blamefile
updating dependencies in
Brent Tubbs
Refactored 'silk run' to use gunicorn for http instead of cherrypy (cherrypy is still used to mount the static dirs, however)
using pip install -r <filename> for all pip installation
Brent Tubbs
removing dependencies that aren't needed locally
Brent Tubbs
pushing to pypi
Brent Tubbs
fixed template buglet
Brent Tubbs
added template abstractions
Brent Tubbs
more README tweaking
Brent Tubbs
more rst tweaking
Brent Tubbs
fixing rst buglets
Brent Tubbs
more README work
Brent Tubbs
version bump
Adding metadata
removing old non-rst readme
adding README.rst
posixpath.join should take args, not a list
support full paths in static dir system_path
ver 0.0.10
fixes to string formatting vars
Brent Tubbs
more pre-release cleanup
Brent Tubbs
major fabfile cleanup
ver 0.0.8
recreating missing files from a forgotten addremove
Brent Tubbs
more fixes for CDN deployment
Brent Tubbs
ver 0.0.6
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