Robert Brewer avatar Robert Brewer committed 7c1a83a

Added meaningful prefixes to names of threads started by CP.

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                 self.interrupt = exc
-        threading.Thread(target=_start_http).start()
+        t = threading.Thread(target=_start_http)
+        t.setName("CPHTTPServer " + t.getName())
+        t.start()
         if blocking:
         def _callback(func, *args, **kwargs):
             func(*args, **kwargs)
-        threading.Thread(target=_callback, args=args, kwargs=kwargs).start()
+        t = threading.Thread(target=_callback, args=args, kwargs=kwargs)
+        t.setName("CPServer Callback " + t.getName())
+        t.start()
         self.start(server_class = server_class)
             raise IOError("Port %s is in use on %s; perhaps the previous "
                           "server did not shut down properly." %
                           (repr(port), repr(host)))
-        except socket.error, msg:
+        except socket.error:
             if s:


         for i in xrange(self.numthreads):
         for worker in self._workerThreads:
+            worker.setName("CP WSGIServer " + worker.getName())
         for worker in self._workerThreads:
             while not worker.ready:
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