Anonymous committed a7b2a79

Fixed small bug in nsgmlsfilter

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             command = '%s -c%s -f%s -s -E10 %s' % (
                 nsgmlsPath, catalogPath, errFile, pageFile)
             command = command.replace('\\', '/')
-            #command = '"%s" -f%s -s -E10 %s' % (
-            #    nsgmlsPath, errFile, pageFile)
-            print "** comand:", command
             f = open(errFile, 'rb')
             err =
             errList = err.splitlines()
             newErrList = []
-            for err in newErrList:
+            for err in errList:
                 if err.find('characters in the document character set with numbers exceeding 65535 not supported') != -1:


         elif cpg.request.path.endswith('doLogout'):
             cpg.request.sessionMap['username'] = None
             cpg.threadData.user = None
-            cpg.response.body = httptools.redirect('/')
+            fromPage = cpg.request.paramMap.get('fromPage')
+            if fromPage is None:
+                fromPage = '/'
+            cpg.response.body = httptools.redirect(fromPage)
         elif cpg.request.path.endswith('doLogin'):
             fromPage = cpg.request.paramMap['fromPage']
             login = cpg.request.paramMap['login']
                 cpg.response.body = self.loginScreen(fromPage, login = login, errorMsg = errorMsg)
                 cpg.request.sessionMap['username'] = login
+                if not fromPage:
+                    fromPage = '/'
                 cpg.response.body = httptools.redirect(fromPage)
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