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+Snap Framework support for MongoDB as Snaplet
+Depends on Snap 0.7.* and <others>
+Based on work of Ozgun Ataman
+His Snap Extension for Snap < 0.6.* is here:

File dist/build/HSsnaplet-mongoDB-0.1.o

Binary file modified.

File dist/build/Snap/Snaplet/MongoDB.hi

Binary file modified.

File dist/build/Snap/Snaplet/MongoDB.o

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File dist/build/libHSsnaplet-mongoDB-0.1.a

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File src/Snap/Snaplet/MongoDB.hs

 import           Snap.Snaplet.MongoDB.Instances
 import           Snap.Snaplet.MongoDB.Utils
+import           Snap.Snaplet.MongoDB.Generics (RecKey)
 import           System.IO.Pool
 import           Snap.Snaplet