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Author Commit Message Date
Cameron Simpson add some docstrings, streamline Pilfer.set_user_vars()
Cameron Simpson Pilfer: a little more docstring on attributes
Cameron Simpson action_operator: a couple of comments
Cameron Simpson fix call to os.path.exists, add tracing to queued operations
Cameron Simpson save: add overwrite keyword (default false)
Cameron Simpson replace Byzantine save function with simple and direct method for saner augumentation later
Cameron Simpson add "-j jobs" option to tune parallelism
Cameron Simpson
cs.threada, add func_sig optional parameter to RunTreeOp factory function to allow easy submission of functions other than many-to-many; import convertors from and adapt the latter to use func_sig
Cameron Simpson converted functions are now generators since cs.threads.runTree now handles arbitrary iterables
Cameron Simpson
cs.threads: update docstring for runTree
Cameron Simpson Pilfer: use a lock around .print() operations, use Pilfer.print in "print" action
Cameron Simpson debugging tweaks and tidyups.
Cameron Simpson add X() tracing debug function.
Cameron Simpson implement s/regexp/replacement/g
Cameron Simpson up parallelism to 4, add a little debug, action_operator(): start Pfx slightly later
Cameron Simpson
Automated merge with file:///Users/cameron/hg/css
Cameron Simpson syntaxic support for == comparison actions
Cameron Simpson,,cs.configutils: supplant watched_file_property with file_property
Cameron Simpson reshape the lambda for "see" too
Cameron Simpson move to new RunTreeOp.mode usage form and make a small reforulation of some lambdas
Cameron Simpson
cs.threads.runTree(), rename RunTreeOp.copy to .copystate
Cameron Simpson
cs.threads: runTree(): add .branch attribute to RunTreeOp, if not None contains a function to dispatch in parallel as RunTreeOp(op.branch, op.fork, op.copy, None) with the current items
Cameron Simpson implement "per" action (forks and copies state), make one_test actions fork
Cameron Simpson make "title" act a bit like a browser - return URL if no title.
Cameron Simpson "first" and "last" actions.
Cameron Simpson Pilfer.set_user_vars(**kw): set user variable values from kw args.
Cameron Simpson use underscores in multiword action names
Cameron Simpson Pilfer: add a state lock for Pilfer. Pilfer: add a lock, change the save_dir/new_dir implementation.
Cameron Simpson default .urls-seen filename, load seen URLs on initialisation
Cameron Simpson bugfix "..", docstring for has_exts
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