Overview documentation for some of these scripts may be found here:

and manual entries in HTML format here:

An autoindex of the scripts is in the file 1INDEX.txt.

Installing my scripts:

    Unpack the tarball:

    into a suitable directory (eg "/opt/css", which I will assume for the
    sake of example below).

    Configure your environment to use the scripts:

	. /opt/css/

    That line should be in your .profile or other environment setup script.
    It's pretty simple; it adds the css components to the END of your PATHs
    (so no css script name preempt anything you already have).

    It mostly does this:


    The aim with $PERL5LIB is that "use cs::blah" will find the module
    /opt/css/lib/cs/ Alternatively (for Perl) you could just symlink
    from your site_perl dir:

	cd /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl
	ln -s /opt/css/lib/cs .

    Several of the scripts expect the following shell environment variables:

	$HOST		Your machine's short name.
                        Defaults to $HOSTNAME without the trailing components.
	$HOSTNAME	Your machine's fully qualified domain name.
                        Defaults to `hostname`.
	$ARCH		Your architecure, in the form vendor.cpu.os,
			eg sun.sparc.solaris or sgi.mips.irix.
	$SYSTEMID	A name for your machines' administrative domain
			(eg: I use "home" for my home LAN
			and "zip" for my ISP:
	$USER		Your login name.
	$SITENAME	Your email domain (eg for me).
	$EMAIL		Your email address (just "who@where", no "<>"s);
			normally $USER@$SITENAME.

    There are some others, but those cover the common stuff.


    You're free to use, modify and redistribute these scripts provided that:

	- you leave my code marked as mine and your modifications (if any)
	  marked as yours

	- you make recipients aware that the scripts can be obtained for
	  free from my own web page


    None whatsoever!

    These scripts work for me, but any of them may have bugs or be
    arbitrarily dependent on my own login environment.  While I try to
    make most of them usable by others (and am happy to hear suggestions
    or bug reports), they're for my use and may well not meet your needs.
    But feel free to hack them to meet your needs.

- Cameron Simpson <>