css / bin-cs / email-add-spam-subject

#!/bin/sh -u
# Add this message's Subject: line as a pattern in the spam rules.
#       - Cameron Simpson <cs@zip.com.au> 03nov2012

set -ue

: ${TMPDIR:=/tmp}

cmd=`basename "$0"` || exit 1
usage="Usage: $cmd < email"

trap 'rm -f "$tmpf"' 0 1 2 13 15


cat >"$tmpf" || exit 1

eval `mhdrs -sh < "$tmpf" | sed 's/^/hdr_/'`
[ -n "$subj" ]
re_subj=\^$(printf "%s\n" "$subj" | sed '2,$d; s/[^-A-Za-z0-9_, 	]/\\&/g')
[ -n "$re_subj" ]

( cat "$filer"
  echo "=spam SPAM-SUBJ subject:/$re_subj"
) | rewriteif "$filer" sort -u
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