css / bin-cs / lc

# Lowercase a bunch of pathnames.
#	- Cameron Simpson <cs@zip.com.au>

while :
  case $1 in
    --)		shift; break ;;
    -?*)	rnopts="$rnopts $1" ;;
    *)		break ;;

exec frename $rnopts -- \
	'if (m:[^/]+$:)
	 { $lhs=$`; $rhs=$&;
	   $rhs =~ s/\%([0-9a-f][0-9a-f])/chr(hex($1))/ieg;
	   $rhs =~ tr/_&A-Z/-+a-z/;
	   $rhs =~ s/[-\s]+/-/g;
	   $rhs =~ s/^-/_/;
	' ${1+"$@"}
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