Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson pushed 451 commits to cameron_simpson/css

a9d0568 - venv: tweak usage to mention "exec"
7d76f90 - venv: add "exec" op, to run a command in the virtualenv
2483a14 - groupshare: trace find and xxargs also
505cd66 - portfwd: put log files one level down, into var/log/portfwd
037aeee - groupshare: provide more precise control of changes, better usage message, optional tracing, less aggressive chmodding
Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson pushed 47 commits to cameron_simpson/css

cfcc58d - add a tiny thread to consume the (empty) output to drain the run queue
61efb2c - Automated merge with file:///Users/cameron/hg/css
8fe7590 - pipeline prep and finalisation: convert strings to URLs, consume and discard final outputs
89140fd - redo URL input handling to submit URLs after pipeline setup, and to prompt interactively if stdin is a tty
5ae2b95 - cs.later: Later.pipeline: make "inputs" parameter optional
Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson pushed 44 commits to cameron_simpson/css

65b3b5a - TestAll.test20parseMakeLines: pass in a notional makecmd parameter to Maker()
34ff33f - Automated merge with file:///Users/cameron/hg/css
a5ab7d4 - cs.queues: PushQueues: the great debug, docstring update, variable rename
c2d92a9 - cs.queues: PushQueue: call the Later._* private methods; we bypass the .closed check because we're effectively infrastructure for the .pipeline method
74b94a2 - cs.queues: debugging hooks, several disabled
Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson pushed 26 commits to cameron_simpson/css

df2f222 - Mykefile: adjust addition of, be less silent for _scriptmans
8e8bda8 - fix off by one error in set operation parse
86d3833 - pass sys.argv[0] into Maker() to define $(MAKE)
a16187b - Automated merge with file:///Users/cameron/hg/css
cbabad0 - ModSetOp: correct use of set operations
Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson pushed 56 commits to cameron_simpson/css

24f32a5 - drop trailing comma in .txt func defn - turned it into a tuple!
857f56d - Automated merge with file:///Users/cameron/hg/css
d9543c2 - cs.nodedb.node: drop deprecated __setslice__, update type checks in __setitem__
791113c - log work queue to myke-later.log, not later.log
ae91735 - cs.tty: fix embarassing import and variable name issues
Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson pushed 22 commits to cameron_simpson/css

b745d70 - cs.nodedb.backend: _update_monitor: do not read updates if readonly
018d98c - cs.tty: update winsize() to use subprocess.Popen
3ccb16c - cs.upd: use cs.tty.winsize() to obtain the terminal size
308a99b - cs.tty: winsize(): return a namedtuple with .rows and .columns attributes
cc0bf36 - cs.nodedb.sqla_tests: create a single sqlalchemy engine to use in the backend to test persistence
Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson pushed 30 commits to cameron_simpson/css

fc4fe20 - Automated merge with file:///Users/cameron/hg/css-mailfiler
fe2749e - format string fixes
d5dcd78 - Automated merge with file:///Users/cameron/hg/css-mailfiler
a5f8f8f - FilterState.save_to_mbox: fix parameter list, dropping "label"
a3f023d - Automated merge with file:///Users/cameron/hg/css-mailfiler
Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson pushed 27 commits to cameron_simpson/css

461a240 - cs-aliases-add-email: add abbreviations as mutt aliases for individual addresses
b5340cf - list-abbreviations: accept -A option for mutt alias syntax, accept optional explicit abbreviation names
3d0f0f7 - update usage message for "abbreviate" and "list-abbreviations"
cdeb495 - dlog-email: cleaner handling of missing preamble, small format tweak
f806322 - dlog-email: pass MDB to shortlist function
Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson pushed 15 commits to cameron_simpson/css

0524ee7 - Automated merge with file:///Users/cameron/hg/css-myke3-betterTargets
0de972b - fix call to TargetMap._newTarget
ff25ee6 - Automated merge with file:///Users/cameron/hg/css-myke3-betterTargets
7036e0d - actions in -n mode still put(True), actions in -n mode get reports even if silent
f9ef4b6 - only queue actions if out of date or missing, queuing an action marks us as new
Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson pushed 8 commits to cameron_simpson/css

72fbe41 - simpler and more consistent unicodeness using cs.py3.ustr, and remove some debugging
6bc071e - cs.csvutils: turn == into = (gah!)
44fb883 - cs.nodedb.csvdb: single quotes are nicer
22b2fa9 - cs.nodedb.node: NodeDB.totext(): return Unicode
ab80237 - cs.py3: ustr(): upgrade str to unicode, default decoding=utf-8 (identity function in python 3)
Cameron Simpson

Cameron Simpson pushed 109 commits to cameron_simpson/css

e657a2e - Automated merge with file:///Users/cameron/hg/css
7b0e3ea - cs.py3: get ConfigParser/SafeParser the right way around in python 2 vs 3
200c8b2 - get StringTypes from cs.py3
54f9c41 - _FileContext: namedtuples are already initialised, get StringIO from cs.py3
9cb13f6 - cs.configutils: get COnfigParser from cs.py3