CamlGI-oasis / Makefile.config

# CamlGI configuration                                -*- Makefile -*-
# Copyright (C) Christophe TROESTLER
#	$Id: Makefile.config,v 1.6 2005/06/12 21:46:50 chris_77 Exp $	
# $(PKGNAME) and $(PKGVERSION) are defined.

# The location of the OCaml compiler and tools. The defaults should be OK.
OCAMLC	 = ocamlc
OCAMLOPT = ocamlopt
OCAMLDEP = ocamldep
OCAMLDOC = ocamldoc
OCAMLFIND = ocamlfind


# OCAMLLIBDIR: location of OCaml's library files.
# Set it if you want another directory than the default findlib directory.
#OCAMLLIBDIR = $(PREFIX)/lib/ocaml/$(shell ocamlc -version)

# DOCDIR: where we will install the documentation.

# Utilities
COPY = cp
#COPY = copy
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