Consider GODI patches for upstream integration?

gasche avatargasche created an issue

Following a user question on reddit, I found that GODI distributes several patches along with camlimages. The patches can be seen in the GODI trunk repository, and the most substantial is this one that changes the installation script (I have no idea what the others are for).

It looks like these changes revert some other changes you made recently following a suggestion from Damien Doligez. I am not familiar with either his testing environment, or the GODI developers, but still opening this issue to help understand further possible installation issues.

What do you think of the GODI patches, and would some of them benefit from being included upstream in Camlimages?

Comments (4)

  1. camlspotter

    Thanks for your report.

    I checked patch-aa. The new variables ARG_XXXs come from a GODI script for CamlImages, and therefore I cannot simply take the patch, but the other fixes seem to be good. Let me work on the update.

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