Exif detection should check libexif/exif-data.h, not just exif-data.h

Issue #9 resolved
Ville Skyttä
created an issue

I suppose exif detection in OMakefile should check for libexif/exif-data.h, not just exif-data.h.

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  1. camlspotter repo owner

    libexif (and some other external libraries) are searched in 2 approaches in CamlImages:

    • pkg-config
    • find exif-data.h in include directories.

    pkg-config is the main way to configure libexif automatically in CamlImages. I presume pkg-config fails in your environment. I recommend to check pkg-config is installed and libexif is installed with enabling pkg-config feature.

    Finding exif-data.h in the include directories is just a failover when pkg-config fails.I am not going to add any clever way to find out include files automatically, since I have no way to find out those directories and test them for the environments I do not have.

    However, there is a manual way already. INSTALL.txt says how to add your include directories:

     % omake --configure CFLAGS="-I /usr/include/libexif" LDFLAGS="-L/opt/blah"
  2. Ville Skyttä reporter

    pkg-config is fine, that stuff just isn't included in 4.1.0 tarball yet which is what I was fixing in Fedora. However I still suggest fixing the fallback to check for libexif/exif-data.h instead of exif-data.h because if exif headers are not installed in "libexif/" dir, build will fail anyway if exif-data.h is found in system include dirs because src/exif_c.c #includes <libexif/*.h>.

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