camlimages / Changes.txt

The default branch has multiple heads

4.1.0 (not yet)
        * bmp was not linked with examples. Since bmp is pure ML libarary, 
          you may need to add -linkall to linker command to your build script,
          otherwise the module is silently ignored. 
        * bmp 32bit RGBA is now supported
        * added jpeg marker load/saving (not tested well)
        * added exif support (you need libexif)
        ! refactored ocamlfind package names (probably introduce some incompatibility)
        * removed unused old configure and make scripts
        * Applied GODI's patches. Now omake takes the following variable definitions:
             - INCLUDES
             - LDFLAGS
             - NATIVE_ENABLED
             - ARG_WANT_XXX
             - ARG_PATH_GS
             - ARG_FREETYPE_CONFIG
          If they are not defined, some default values are deduced.

	* ppm save was somehow disabled.

	* Minor bug fixes, patch submitted by Damien Doligez 
	* Stop supporting the autoconf build. (It might works though.)
	* Instead of autoconf, using omake and ocamlfind
	* Subpackages: no need to link codes for uninterested format.
	* Stop supporting lablgtk1
	  - Ximage2 module is now Ximage, and the older Ximage is removed
	  - OXimage2 module is now OXimage, and the older OXimage is removed

	* Misnamed version. It should have been 3.0.3 or something. 
        * Small bug fix for image load memory allocation vulnerability

        * O'Caml 3.11 port.
	* Integer overflow vulnerability fix for pngread.c

        * Alpha channel support for png images.

        * new version numbering scheme
        * autoconf and makefiles cleanup
        * fix examples compilation

        * Now compiling with -warn-error -A
        * complete code review and rewriting
        * the main module, originally named "Image" is now "Images".
        * the whole set of compiled files are now installed in the library
        * a new export for the Ps module:
          get_bounding_box : string -> bounding_box
          returns the bounding box option of a postscript file image.
        * O'Caml 3.07 port. Added support for lablgtk2.
        * bug fix release
        * bug fix at load_Glyph at freetype1/ftintf.c
        * O'Caml 3.03 dll support. (This and later versions of camlimages
          will not  work with the older O'Camls).
        * Better support for giflib library
        * takes the image format now as an option.
        * added CMYK (Cyan Magenta Yellow and blacK) color space 
          (even though we have no trivial good color conversion 
          between CMYK and RGB)
        * added RGBA (RGB with the Alpha channel) and CMYK images
        * Colorhist
        * Unit
        * Geometry

        * (Jpeg now supports CMYK image reading and writing)
        * Postscript
        * fix for O'Caml 3.00 + lablgtk 1.00
        * bitmap cache files finalization is now standard.
        * bug fixes
        * Initial distribution revision