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+* Fixed the parsing of with 'conv(foo(bar))' (still requires a bug fix of type_conv 108.08.00
+* Added special handling of identity encoder and decoder
+Why ``conv(foo)`` 's  converter module is ``Foo_conv``, not ``Foo``?
+Because the converter module should be opened.
+Target data module ``Foo`` is often implemented independently of Meta_conv, 
+and its default primitive converters could be written by a 3rd party. 
+There are two ways to add converters:
+* Implement converter specific module, say ``Foo_conv``.
+* Extend ``Foo``::
+    module Foo = struct
+      include Foo
+      (* code of converters *)
+    end
+One of the important design rules of Meta_conv is that the primitive 
+converters must be accessible without module paths. 
+(CR jfuruse: I should explain why.) 
+This enforces users to open the modules of primitive converters.
+``open Foo_conv`` is ok since it is specialized for Meta_conv converters.
+But ``open Foo`` may have cause unwanted name contamintation.
+Therefore, ``Foo_conv``, not ``Foo``.
+Why ``conv(foo)`` 's  target type is ``Foo.t``, not ``foo``?
+Because ``conv()`` can have multiple targets!
+Think about ``conv(json, ocaml)``, and the target type names were
+``json`` and ``ocaml``. Then we have name corrisions:
+``json_of_ocaml`` is an encoder to json or a decoder of ocaml?
+``ocaml_of_json`` is a decoder of json or an encoder to ocaml?
+To distinguish them, the target type must be module prefixed like::
+  Json.t_of_ocaml : Ocaml.t -> Json.t
+  Json.ocaml_of_t : ?trace:_ -> Json.t -> (Ocaml.t, _) Result.t
+  Ocaml.t_of_json : Json.t -> Ocaml.t
+  Ocaml.json_of_t : ?trace:_ -> Ocaml.t -> (Json.t, _) Result.t
+Then, why not the target type is ``Foo_conv.t``, or ``Foo_conv.Target.t``? 
+Because ``Foo_conv`` is supposed to be opened. ``t`` and ``Target.t`` 
+could corride with other target types.