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OCaml bug fix: CamlP4: location recovery for Pexp_ident was wrong

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           [ [(loc, ml, <:expr@sloc< $uid:s$ >>) :: l] ->
               let ca = constructors_arity () in
               (mkexp loc (Pexp_construct (mkli sloc (conv_con s) ml) None ca), l)
-          | [(loc, ml, <:expr@sloc< $lid:s$ >>) :: l] ->
-              (mkexp loc (Pexp_ident (mkli sloc s ml)), l)
+          | [(loc, ml, <:expr@_sloc< $lid:s$ >>) :: l] ->
+              (mkexp loc (Pexp_ident (mkli loc s ml)), l)
           | [(_, [], e) :: l] -> (expr e, l)
           | _ -> error loc "bad ast in expression" ]
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