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+# rev 11110
+/bin/rm -rf [A-z]* \#*
+svn co
+(cd $VERSION; tar cf - .) | tar xvf -
+/bin/rm -rf $VERSION
+hg rm `hg status | grep '^!' | awk '{ print $2 }'`
+hg add [A-z]*
+echo OCaml $VERSION svn source is copied. Now ready to commit.
-Objective Caml 3.12.1:
+OCaml 3.13.0:
+- The official name of the language is now OCaml.
+- Warning 28 is now enabled by default.
+Language features:
+- Added GADTs to the language. See testsuite/tests/typing-gadts for
+  the syntax and some examples of use. Please use -principal for testing.
+- It is now possible to omit type annotations when packing and unpacking
+  first-class modules. The type-checker attempts to infer it from the context.
+  Using the -principal option guarantees forward compatibility.
+- New (module M) and (module M : S) syntax in patterns, for immediate
+  unpacking of a first-class module.
+- Revised simplification of let-alias (PR#5205, PR#5288)
+Native-code compiler:
+- Optimized handling of partially-applied functions (PR#5287)
+Standard library:
+- Added float functions "hypot" and "copysign" (PR#3806, PR#4752, PR#5246)
+- Hashtbl:
+    . Statistically-better generic hash function based on Murmur 3 (PR#5225)
+    . Fixed behavior of generic hash function w.r.t. -0.0 and NaN (PR#5222)
+    . Added optional "seed" parameter to Hashtbl.create for diversification
+    . Added new functorial interface "MakeSeeded" to support diversification
+      with user-provided hash functions.
+Bug Fixes:
+- PR#5322: type abbreviations expanding to a universal type variable