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+tar zxvf ../ocaml-3.11.0.tar.gz
+mv ocaml-3.11.0/* ocaml-3.11.0/.[A-z]* .
+tar zxvf ../ocamlspot-1.0.tgz
+patch -p1 < compiler_patch.diff 
+make core coreboot
+make world
+cp boot/myocamlbuild boot/myocamlbuild.boot
+make opt opt.opt
 `/bin/cp ocamlspot/INSTALL-ocamlspot.txt .`;
-`hg diff -r c0ddf4b8e5c0 -r tip -X "0MAKEDIFF*" -X "0UPDATE*" -X "0INSTALL" -X ".hg[a-z]*" | ./0CLEANDIFF > ocamlspot.diff`;
+`hg diff -r c0ddf4b8e5c0 -r tip -X "0*" -X ".hg[a-z]*" | ./0CLEANDIFF > ocamlspot.diff`;
 open(IN, "ocamlspot.diff");
-@files = ("INSTALL-ocamlspot.txt", "0MAKEDIFF*", "0UPDATE*", "0INSTALL", ".hg[a-z]*", "ocamlspot.diff");
+@files = ("INSTALL-ocamlspot.txt", "0*", ".hg[a-z]*", "ocamlspot.diff");
     if( /^Binary file (.*) has changed/ ){
 	@files = (@files, $1);
+`/bin/cp ocamlspot/INSTALL-ocamlspot.txt .`;
+`hg diff -r c0ddf4b8e5c0 -r tip -X "0*" -X ".hg[a-z]*" -X "ocamlspot" | ./0CLEANDIFF > compiler_patch.diff`;
+@files = ("INSTALL-ocamlspot.txt", "compiler_patch.diff", "ocamlspot");
+$com = sprintf "tar zcvf ocamlspot-1.0_uncleaned.tgz %s", join(' ', @files);
+print STDERR "$com\n";


   - tar zxvf ocaml-3.11.0.tar.gz
   - cd ocaml3.11.0
-3. Apply the patch
+3. Extract ocamlspot.tgz and Apply the patch
-  - patch -p1 < ocamlspot.diff
+  - tar zxvf ocamlspot-1.0.tgz
+  - patch -p1 < compiler_patch.diff
 4. Build a bytecode compiler
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