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-# Build the whole. No install.
+# Build the whole.
-# Parameter : PREFIX
+#   If an argument is specified, use it as PREFIX, then install the system
+#   Otherwise, it uses $PREFIX, and does not perform installation.
 set -e
+if [ "$1" != "" ]; then
+    PREFIX=$1
+    INSTALL=1
 ./configure --prefix $PREFIX
 make clean core coreboot
 cp boot/myocamlbuild boot/myocamlbuild.boot
 make world opt opt.opt
+if [ "$INSTALL" = "1" ]; then
+  /bin/rm -rf $PREFIX/lib/ocaml
+  /bin/rm -rf $PREFIX/bin/ocaml*
+  /bin/rm -rf $PREFIX/bin/caml*
+  mkdir -p $PREFIX/lib
+  mkdir -p $PREFIX/bin
+  make install
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