mutated_ocaml / ocamlbuild / test / test6 /

cd `dirname $0`
set -x
rm -rf _build
CMDOPTS="" # -- command args
BUILD="../../_build/ocamlbuild.native -no-skip main.byte -classic-display $@"
BUILD2="$BUILD -verbose 0 -nothing-should-be-rebuilt $CMDOPTS"
cp b.mli.v1 b.mli
cp d.mli.v1 d.mli
cp b.mli.v2 b.mli
cp d.mli.v2 d.mli
cp b.mli.v1 b.mli
if $BUILD1; then
  if $BUILD2; then
    echo PASS
    echo "FAIL (-nothing-should-be-rebuilt)"
  echo FAIL
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