mutated_ocaml / otherlibs / win32unix / times.c

#include <windows.h>
#include <mlvalues.h>
#include "unixsupport.h"

double to_sec(FILETIME ft) {

  tmp.u.LowPart = ft.dwLowDateTime;
  tmp.u.HighPart = ft.dwHighDateTime;

  /* convert to seconds:
     GetProcessTimes returns number of 100-nanosecond intervals */
  return tmp.QuadPart / 1e7;

value unix_times(value unit) {

  value res;
  FILETIME creation, exit, stime, utime;

  if (!(GetProcessTimes(GetCurrentProcess(), &creation, &exit, &stime, &utime))) {
    uerror("times", Nothing);

  res = alloc_small(4 * Double_wosize, Double_array_tag);
  Store_double_field(res, 0, to_sec(utime));
  Store_double_field(res, 1, to_sec(stime));
  Store_double_field(res, 2, 0);
  Store_double_field(res, 3, 0);
  return res;

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