mutated_ocaml / otherlibs / threads / .depend

scheduler.o: scheduler.c ../../byterun/alloc.h \
  ../../byterun/compatibility.h ../../byterun/misc.h \
  ../../byterun/config.h ../../byterun/../config/m.h \
  ../../byterun/../config/s.h ../../byterun/mlvalues.h \
  ../../byterun/backtrace.h ../../byterun/callback.h \
  ../../byterun/config.h ../../byterun/fail.h ../../byterun/io.h \
  ../../byterun/memory.h ../../byterun/gc.h ../../byterun/major_gc.h \
  ../../byterun/freelist.h ../../byterun/minor_gc.h ../../byterun/misc.h \
  ../../byterun/mlvalues.h ../../byterun/printexc.h ../../byterun/roots.h \
  ../../byterun/memory.h ../../byterun/signals.h ../../byterun/stacks.h \
condition.cmi : mutex.cmi
event.cmi :
marshal.cmi :
mutex.cmi :
pervasives.cmi :
thread.cmi : unix.cmi
threadUnix.cmi : unix.cmi
unix.cmi :
condition.cmo : thread.cmi mutex.cmi condition.cmi
condition.cmx : thread.cmx mutex.cmx condition.cmi
event.cmo : mutex.cmi condition.cmi event.cmi
event.cmx : mutex.cmx condition.cmx event.cmi
marshal.cmo : pervasives.cmi marshal.cmi
marshal.cmx : pervasives.cmx marshal.cmi
mutex.cmo : thread.cmi mutex.cmi
mutex.cmx : thread.cmx mutex.cmi
pervasives.cmo : unix.cmi pervasives.cmi
pervasives.cmx : unix.cmx pervasives.cmi
thread.cmo : unix.cmi thread.cmi
thread.cmx : unix.cmx thread.cmi
threadUnix.cmo : unix.cmi thread.cmi threadUnix.cmi
threadUnix.cmx : unix.cmx thread.cmx threadUnix.cmi
unix.cmo : unix.cmi
unix.cmx : unix.cmi
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