mutated_ocaml / testsuite / tests / lib-dynlink-native /

let () =
  Api.add_cb (fun () -> print_endline "Callback from main")

let ()  =
  Dynlink.init ();
  Dynlink.allow_unsafe_modules true;
  for i = 1 to Array.length Sys.argv - 1 do
    let name = Sys.argv.(i) in
    Printf.printf "Loading %s\n" name; flush stdout;
      if name.[0] = '-'
      then Dynlink.loadfile_private
        (String.sub name 1 (String.length name - 1))
      else Dynlink.loadfile name
      | Dynlink.Error err ->
          Printf.printf "Dynlink error: %s\n"
            (Dynlink.error_message err)
      | exn ->
          Printf.printf "Error: %s\n" (Printexc.to_string exn)
  flush stdout;
    let oc = open_out_bin "" in
    Marshal.to_channel oc ! [Marshal.Closures];
    close_out oc;
    let ic = open_in_bin "" in
    let l = (Marshal.from_channel ic : (unit -> unit) list) in
    close_in ic;
    List.iter (fun f -> f()) l
  with Failure s ->
    Printf.printf "Failure: %s\n" s
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