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File json-tc-custom/README.custom.rst

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   type r = { id : Id.t;  (* mandatory field *)
              source_url : string optional; (* if not exists in Json, None in OCaml *)
            } with json
+  CR jfuruse: No OCaml => Json handling of optional is considered yet.

File json-tc-custom/lib/Makefile

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 	ocamlfind ocamlc -package type-conv -c -pp "$(CAMLP4ORF)" -annot -g -I +camlp4 pa_json_tc.ml
 install: META
-	ocamlfind install json-tc META pa_json_tc.cmi pa_json_tc.cmo
+	ocamlfind install json-tc-custom META pa_json_tc.cmi pa_json_tc.cmo
 META: META.template Makefile
 	echo 'version = "$(VERSION)"' > META
 	cat META.template >> META
-	ocamlfind remove json-tc
+	ocamlfind remove json-tc-custom
 	rm -f *.ppo *.ppr *.cmo *.cmi *.cm* *.o *.cmx *.ast *~ *.auto *.annot META