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external install.sh fix

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File findlib/install.sh

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-if [ ! -f findlib-1.2.7.tar.gz ]; then wget $URL; fi
+if [ ! -f $ARCHIVE ]; then wget $URL; fi
 /bin/rm -rf _build
 mkdir _build
 cd _build
 tar zxvf ../$ARCHIVE
-cd findlib-1.2.7
+cd $DIR
 ./configure -bindir $PREFIX/bin -mandir $PREFIX/man -sitelib $PREFIX/lib/ocaml/site-lib -config $PREFIX/etc/findlib.conf

File llvm/OMakefile

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 # | objects is an OMakefile to list the installed package objects
 .INCLUDE: objects # objects uses PACKDIR
     touch $@

File llvm/install.sh

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 cd _build
-tar zxvf ../llvm-2.8.tgz
+echo Extracting llvm-2.8.tgz...
+tar zxf ../llvm-2.8.tgz
 cd llvm-2.8
 find $OCAML_TMP_INSTALL -type l | xargs rm
 # Copy ocamlspot spit file
-cp `find bindings/ocaml/ -iname *.spit` $OCAML_TMP_INSTALL
+cp `find bindings/ocaml/ -iname *.spit -o -iname *.cmti` $OCAML_TMP_INSTALL
 # Build META file
 FLAGS=`llvm-config --libs --ldflags`