my-externals / ulib / ulib-0.0.1 / _tags

# DO NOT EDIT (digest: 0bbb04ec16e575e5e48970e7c2016f74)
# Ignore VCS directories, you can use the same kind of rule outside 
# OASIS_START/STOP if you want to exclude directories that contains 
# useless stuff for the build process
<**/.svn>: -traverse
<**/.svn>: not_hygienic
".bzr": -traverse
".bzr": not_hygienic
".hg": -traverse
".hg": not_hygienic
".git": -traverse
".git": not_hygienic
"_darcs": -traverse
"_darcs": not_hygienic
# Library ulib
"src/ulib.cmxs": use_ulib
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