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 open Common
 open Tiny_json
-open Meta_conv.Open
 open Meta_conv.Types.Result.Open (* I use >>= only for Result here *)
 open Json_conv  (* for conv(json) *)
 open Ocaml_conv (* for conv(ocaml) *)
   let parse s = try `Ok (parse s) with e -> `Error (`Json_parse e)
+(** { 6 Types } *)
 module Scheme = struct
   type t = 
-    | Hg(:"hg":) 
-    | Git(:"git":) 
+    | Hg  (:"hg":) 
+    | Git (:"git":) 
   with conv(json), conv(ocaml)
+(** { 6 End points } *)
 (** repositories Endpoint *)
 module Repositories = struct
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