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                        The CamlDBM library


  This OCaml library is a binding to the NDBM/GDBM Unix "databases".

  See the file dbm.mli for documentation of the programming inteface.

  This library used to be included in the standard OCaml distribution.
  This is the standalone distribution of this library, with the same


  - OCaml
  - Either the GDBM library or any NDBM-compatible library
    (make sure to install the development files as well,
     e.g. the package libgdbm-dev for Debian or Ubuntu).


  - Run the "configure" script by typing

  - Build the library:
       make all

  - Test the library:
       make test

  - Install the library:
       sudo make install


  In bytecode:
     ocamlc dbm.cma <other bytecode files>

  In native code:
     ocamlopt dbm.cmxa <other bytecode files>


  This Library is distributed under the terms of the GNU Library General
  Public License version 2, with a special exception allowing
  unconstrained static linking.  See file LICENSE for details.