ocaml-indent / filter.ml

camlspotter d31e732 

open Sexplib.Conv
open Pos
open Reader
open Parser

type 'a t = 
  | Cons of 'a * 'a t lazy_t
  | Null

type 'a info = {
  space : string;
  token : 'a;
  region : Region.t;
  substr : string;

let streamer path = 
  let ic = open_in path in
    let reader = LexReader.create_from_channel ic in
    let rec loop last_region = 
      let token = LexReader.lex reader Lexer.token in
      let region = LexReader.region reader in
      let space_between = 
        let last_end = (snd last_region).Position.pos_cnum in
          reader last_end ((fst region).Position.pos_cnum - last_end)
      (* token's string *)
      let substr = LexReader.current_substring reader in
      Cons ({ space = space_between; token; region; substr },
            lazy (match token with
            | EOF -> close_in ic; Null
            | _ -> loop region))
    loop Region.zero
  | e -> 
      close_in ic;
      raise e

let destr = function
  | lazy Null -> None
  | lazy (Cons (car, cdr)) -> Some (car, cdr)
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