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-OCaml indentation tool written in OCaml
+OCaml-indent: OCaml source code indenter
+OCaml-indent is an OCaml source code indenter. 
+* Lexer based, simple, easy to maintain, robust against P4 extensions.
+* It simply indents OCaml source code with a CLI like: ./ocaml-indent foo.ml 
+* Editors should communicate with the CLI. An Emacs interface, 
+  ocaml-indent.el is currently available.
+* Just fixes indentations. No other code beautifier included.
+The indentation tries to follow my style as possible. Neither the
+official one (does it exists?) or something already available
+(i.e. ocaml-mode/tuareg).

File opam/ocaml-indent.1.1.0/opam

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   ["ocaml" "setup.ml" "-install"]
 remove: [
-  ["omake" "unintall"]
+  ["ocaml" "setup.ml" "-uninstall"]
 depends: [ "ocamlfind" "sexplib" "omake" ]
-ocaml-version: [>= "4.0.0"]
+ocaml-version: [>= "4.00.0"]

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-archive: https://bitbucket.org/camlspotter/ocaml-indent/get/1.1.0.tar.gz
+archive: "https://bitbucket.org/camlspotter/ocaml-indent/get/1.1.0.tar.gz"