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auto update of OMyMakefile

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 # Common phonies
 # ==================================================================
-.PHONY: all install uninstall clean
+.PHONY: all install uninstall clean veryclean
 # Directories
 # =====================================================================
   if $(not $(test -e $(dir))):
     mkdir $(dir) 
+# Very clean
+# ======================================================================
+#| OCaml object files which are not real targets of OMake are not be
+# auto-cleaned away by ``omake clean``. This is not good in some situations
+# at linking.
+WithOCamlVeryClean() =
+    veryclean: 
+        rm -f *.cm* *.annot *.o *.a *.sp[io]t *.so *.exe *.byt *.opt *.run
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