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Marshallable polymorphic record in OCaml

This is a quick implementation of polymorphic records in OCaml.

OCaml objects are actually polymorphic records but not safely marshallable since it contains a method table. This implementation does not use objects but hash tables to support marshalling.

How to build

As follows:

yes no | omake --install    # you need OMake

It builds a library polyrecord.cma and CamlP4 syntax extension pa_polyrecord, then compiles test.ml using them.

No installation build command is available for now.


Record creation:

{| field = value; ... |}

Field access:


Field update:

record..field <- expr

For simplicity, the poly-record is immutable by itself. If you want to have mutable fields, you must use reference cells explicitly. The field access syntax provides a sugar to update the reference:

let r = {| x = 1; y = ref None |}   (* x and y are immutable, but y is a ref which is mutable *)
let () = r..y <- Some 2             (* update the ref at y *)
let () = assert (!(r..y) = Some 2)  (* Accessing the ref content is a bit lousy... *)

Forget fields via coercion

The type system can forget fields using coercion:

let r = {| x = 1; y = None |}
let r' = (r  :>  < x : int > Polyrecord.t)  (* forget about y *)


No easy way to add fields

It would be nice adding new fields at copy via { r with new_field = e }, but it seems impossible due to the typing of OCaml objects.

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