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 #|Warnings treated as non errors
+#|If it is false, warnings do not stop the compilation even if they are listed in OCAMLWARNING_NON_ERROR
+#If you are in developing something, turn it ture!
 #|The maximum warning value.
 # This is the maximum warning ID NOT of the current OCaml compiler,
 #                                BUT of the OCaml compiler used by the author.
 #|Function to build warning switches
-    return -w A-$(concat -,$(OCAMLWARNING_IGNORE)) -warn-error +1..$(OCAMLWARNING_MAX)-$(concat -, $(OCAMLWARNING_NON_ERROR))
+        return -w A-$(concat -,$(OCAMLWARNING_IGNORE)) -warn-error +1..$(OCAMLWARNING_MAX)-$(concat -, $(OCAMLWARNING_NON_ERROR))
+    else
+        return -w A-$(concat -,$(OCAMLWARNING_IGNORE)) -warn-error a
 #|OMyMakefile assumes installation with .cmt files
 OCAMLANNOTFLAGS = -annot -bin-annot
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